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Atlanta school shooting: Victim's Mom defends her son

2013-02-03 00:25:38

Tevin Douglas

As police continue to investigate why 14-year-old boy Tevin got shot in the neck Thursday afternoon at Luther J. Price Middle School in Atlanta, the victim's mother, Cynthia Douglas, called in to V-103 radio station to speak with host Ryan Cameron about the unfortunate turn of events.

According to Douglas, the stories about the shooting that occurred at the school just south of downtown Atlanta, where 400 students stand in attendance, are mixed and unclear. Douglas does say, however, that Tevin told her that just before the shooting, students were milling around because there was a change of periods, then suddenly, someone yelled, "Shoot!" and everyone scattered.

The concerned Mom also wanted to set the record straight that Tevin is not a bully and that the shooting didn't have anything to do with revenge. Instead, Douglas thinks that her football-playing son was the target of "jealousy or envy," 

"There are two sides to each story, and I just want to be clear my son, [he is] the victim [in] all this," Cynthia told Cameron.

Thankfully, Tevin was released from the hospital, and according to his mom, he will be just fine.  "The bullet went in and out." Still, her son remains confused as to why the incident happened and has been in tears.

At nearly 2 p.m., a student reportedly pulled out a small-caliber handgun and fired a number of shots outside the main school building.

An armed resource officer, who was off-duty and at the school, managed to wrestle the gun away from the shooter.

In addition to Tevin's injury, a teacher suffered minor cuts and bruises in the shooting's aftermath. Contrary to what Douglas is saying, police contend that the incident might have taken place over a previous disagreement between Tevin and the shooter.

Unfortunately, Cynthia told Cameron that because her son is now "too scared," he will not return to Price.  "I think the kids need more protection up there. They have a bullying problem up there, and this happened for a reason but I am just saddened that it was my child," the Mom added.

Cynthia had some parting thoughts for Cameron regarding the shooting, "I just want to say that as a parent, it hit my doorstep. We need to get more involved at the schools, we need to figure out what we need to do as a people to fix this. We should not wait until something like this happens at your child's school."

Cynthia has not had any further contact with police, who are giving her some time to come to grips from the shooting incident.

Listen to the audio of the interview here:


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