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Dangers of straightening afro hair

2012-12-01 20:53:55

Isabella Broekhuizen

45-yr-old, Isabella Broekhuizen has been a lecturer and model in the UK and is now studying social psychology in Holland, where she lives with her partner. She says:

"Like many mixed race women, I convinced myself I had to keep my curly hair straight to look my best.

"I went to a hairdresser, who put a chemical relaxant on my hair. As I sat there, I became aware of a burning and itching sensation. I was told this was normal.

"Three weeks later my scalp was still sore and I went to my GP. He said I had to go to hospital, where a scan revealed that the relaxant was still burning my head. The sodium hydroxide had burnt right through to the bone. A couple of months later, my hair started to fall out and within weeks I was completely bald.

Isabella Broekhuizen

"Quite simply, it ruined my life. I'd had a lucrative career as a model - that was all gone.
"I also changed from being an outgoing, happy person to someone who rarely left the house.
"I still have no hair and have to wear a wig - it will never grow back.

"I am often contacted by girls who've done the same thing all in the pursuit of straight hair. It breaks my heart to hear their stories. I wish I had realised these chemical relaxants are so toxic."


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