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Katt Williams Retires From Stand-Up Comedy

2012-12-07 02:59:45

Katt Williams

Katt Williams doesn't stop shocking the public with his actions. On Monday, December 3, after he was cast out from a south Lake Union hotel in Seattle, he revealed his decision to retire as a stand-up comedian.

"I'm just gonna go ahead and announce my retirement from standup, I'm kinda done," he said.

"I've discussed it with my kids, I wasn't gonna do in the middle of a Seattle street, I was going to go to Los Angeles and do it in the offices of ICM or LiveNation," the comedian continued. Tearing up in an interview with KOMO News, the comedian stated that the south Lake Union hotel was the fourth hotel which asked him to leave in two days.

After being ejected for the fourth time, he said that he planned to bid the Washington State Ferry Rhododendrom for $301,000 for him and his family. They will stay there until he attends the court on Thursday, December 6 for obstruction, harassment and assault allegations stemming from a December 2 incident.

"If they will accept our bid... I will take me and my whole staff on that boat because I still have a court date four days from now and can't leave," he explained. "And I've been kicked out of four hotels in two days and I've been arrested by three different sets of officers four different times detained by two sets of officers."

"I can stay there [on the ferry] and my family can be there and my dogs can be there and my whole staff can be there," the "Friday Next After" actor went on. He then stated his plan to sue Seattle "for this $50 million that I want for crippling my reputation as a father and a black man and as a taxpaying citizen and as a person who is not a convicted felon."

Later, the comic added, "I got arrested in front my kids three times in my three days stay in Seattle..." The 39-year-old actor then expressed his disappointment over the city, "And all we were doing was coming into town to sell jokes and police department painted me as some sort of public menace that came to town."

The voice of Seamus in "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" opened up that Seattle used to be his get-away place. He said, "This was a place I like to bring my kids and let them do stuff without people caring who they were."

Katt got into a lot of troubles recently. In November, he was sued for $5 million by his own female assistant for allegedly hitting her and causing permanent injuries. He then got into mischief on November 14 in a club.

Later, the father of eight was charged by his own fans, one of them is Brian Herline, who claimed that Katt failed to deliver a satisfying performance in Oakland because of his aggresive behavior on stage. He left the stage 10 minutes after taking off his clothes and fighting with several fans.

On Sunday, November 25, the star of "The Perfect Holiday" violated traffic regulation, threatened public safety in Sacramento, and was chased by police. Police ended the pursuit as they worried about people's safety.

On December 2, he was jailed after brandishing a pool cue at a bar manager, obstructing police officers, and throwing a cigarette through a window of a car. The cigarette hit a woman's face just below her eye. Later, he threw a stone to the car. He was then bailed out by Suge Knight, his tour manager, on Monday morning, December 3.


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