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Marley family settles lawsuit with Bob Marley's half-brother

2012-12-04 23:44:52

Bob Marley

Bob Marley's family have settled a lawsuit against his half-brother after the family member was accused of illegally using the reggae icon's name to sell fish cakes and energy drinks.

It's been reported that a lawsuit has been settled after Richard Booker was accused of infringing trademark on Marley's name to sell his products, which also included fish sausages, earlier in the year.

The original lawsuit against Booker has been filed by Marley's wife Rita, and nine of his children.

In addition, the suit also claims Booker is using Marley's name and image to market an annual concert in Miami, known as the 9 Mile Music Festival. For those not in the know, 9 Mile is the Jamaican village where Bob was born and buried.

Booker subsequently filed back a counter suit, claiming he had permission to use Marley's name claiming Bob himself gave him permission to use his famous name just before he died.

Bob's family says they have the rights to all things Marley and want all of Booker's profits. They also want a judge to order Booker to stop all future use of the name.

Robert Scholz, Booker's lawyer, said: "This was a very sensitive case because the legacy of a great man and family were at stake. From what I have learned about Bob Marley, he would be very happy, especially that his family is now at peace.

Both parties were happy with the settlement agreement.


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