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Mom tosses baby aside to fight bus passenger

2013-04-12 23:24:49

An unidentified woman was captured on cellphone video tossing aside a child believed to be her daughter to fight another passenger on a city bus.

The two-minute video shows the mother arguing with another woman on a Connecticut public bus for reasons not exactly clear. Though it appears that women were going back and forth over a relationship a relative of the mother had with the other woman's boyfriend.

"Somebody grab my baby!," the unidentified women yells. "Somebody grab my baby! I will thrash you on this bus! I will beat the sh*t out of you on this bus, little girl."

A voice blaring from of an overhead sound system can be heard asking the ladies to calm down, but the altercation only gets worse.

The woman holding the baby goes on to express her anger about what she feels is the other passenger's disrespect towards her in from of her baby. Eventually, the woman tosses her baby to another passenger, charges the woman and a brawl ensues.

"Oh my God," a voice out of the camera is heard saying at the shock of the woman tossing her baby aside to fight the woman.

Watch video of the brawl below (warning - video contains explicitness):


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