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Nas defends Quentin Tarantino over N-word controversy

2013-01-19 19:25:57


Nas has shown his support for Django Unchained director Quentin Tarantino by defending his choice to use the N-word in the slavery based film.

The hip-hop star, who is the latest to chime in on the controversy surrounding use of the racial slur in the critically acclaimed film, argued that the term had to be used to ensure the story is authentic.

He said in an interview with MTV News: "A movie about slavery and you don't hear the 'N' word? That doesn't make any sense. I don't see what the big fuss is about."

The Bye baby rapper also defended Tarantino's credentials, noting that he is "one of the greatest film-makers of our generation".

He said: "It's a movie, and a movie by him? Why should we be surprised if the movie is raw? He's one of the greatest filmmakers of our generation and we don't go there to see anything less than rawness."

The news comes after Tarantino was said to have used the racial slur while making a point about the frequent use of the word in the film, which is based on slavery in America.

He reportedly said to the press: "If somebody is out there actually saying when it comes to the word n*****, the fact that I was using it in the movie more than it was being used in the antebellum South in Mississippi, then feel free to make that case,"

"But no one's actually making that case. They are saying I should lie, that I should whitewash, that I should massage, and I never do that when it comes to my characters."

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