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Turks and Caicos ex-president arrested after taking flight

2012-12-09 14:17:44

Michael Misick

The former jet-setting premier of the Turks and Caicos islands has been arrested in Brazil on an international warrant.

Michael Misick fled the British overseas territory in 2009 after a report exposed widespread corruption.

The former prime minister is alleged to have amassed a personal fortune of $180m and lived a lavish lifestyle.
He was detained by Brazil's federal police in Rio de Janeiro as he was about to board a plane for Sao Paulo yesterday and will now be extradited back to the Caribbean islands to stand trial.

Britain was forced to step in and suspend the constitution and take over administration of the Turks and Caicos islands in 2007.

Michael Misick

Misick is suspected of corruption, misusing public money and profiting from the sale of government land to developers.

The island's tourism industry saw a boom in resort-building during his time in office.

Misick, who was first elected in 2003, has always strenuously denied any wrongdoing.
Brazil's federal police said in a statement that agents 'have been investigating his whereabouts for more than a year'.

It is understood he had been living in Rio de Janeiro for a number of months and frequently some of the city's most exclusive neighbourhoods such as Ipanema and Leblon.

He had papers to work in the country and had apparently tried to claim the right to asylum - but had his application rejected last month.

Misick has complained that the charges against him are politically motivated and he is being persecuted by Britain.


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