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TV Chef, Lorraine Pascale angry at online abuse

2012-11-16 19:28:33

Lorraine Pascale

Celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale has called for officials at social network website Twitter to take action after receiving 'racist Tweets on a daily basis' from an American user.

In a series of tweets, the 39-year-old revealed that she has reported the person to the police and also asked her 51,000 followers for help identifying the alleged abuser.

The Baking Made Easy presenter said: "How is it that someone in the US is free to send me vile racist Tweets on a daily basis yet @twitter does nothing to stop him?

"Have blocked and reported him/her/it but they keep opening different accounts each time."

The alleged offensive user has since had their account suspended.

The mother-of-one continued: "I have been on the receiving end of some pretty horrible abuse for two months now. I've tried to stop it and been told because the person or people responsible are in the US there's nothing I can do.

"That's very frustrating and whilst Twitter UK have been incredibly helpful, I don't understand why Twitter US can't do more to help. I'm not looking for sympathy - I just think that if it's happening to me it is almost certainly happening to others who are even less able to do anything about it.

"That's why I re-tweeted it. Twitter US should be doing more, I feel."

In November, 2011, police investigated claims that a user on the social network site had also sent Pascale a number of racist tweets.

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