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Woman delivers 14.1 pound baby

2015-02-07 09:19:00

Avery Ford

At 14.1 pounds, Avery Ford has set the record for the heaviest baby ever born at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital and is one of the largest ever born in the state.

Maxxzandra Ford, his mother, realized she was pregnant after rapidly gaining weight last fall. 

Because she is a twin and felt so big so fast, she thought she might be having twins herself.

But the first doctor visit brought an even bigger surprise: She was already 35 weeks along.

The biggest surprise of all was when she gave birth naturally to a bouncing baby boy who tipped the scales at 14.1 pounds.

"Before I knew it, he was already coming out," she said. "It was too late to turn back."

When she saw his head come out, she said, she knew he weighed more than 10 pounds.

"I was like, 'Oh my goodness,' and they were like 'Stop pushing. Stop pushing," she said.

After 18 hours of labor, she couldn't stop pushing, and delivered Avery the old fashioned way - naturally.

Maxxzandra, a team member at St. Joseph's Hospital, has a 1-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter at home.

"It was really bad compared to my daughter and AJ's delivery," she said.

Once she recovered from the impact of the delivery, she asked, "Does anyone know how much my baby weighs?  They were like, 'Your baby weighed 14 pounds and one ounce.' 'What!? My baby weighed what?!' They were like, 'Your baby is like adorably huge.'"

He's so huge, dad is already laying out Avery's future.

"I've got a linebacker instead of a fullback," he said.

Avery has been in the neonatal intensive care since his birth Jan. 29.

Dr. Jenelle Ferry, a neonatologist  at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital, is taking care of Avery.

"They can have some difficulties getting out of the birth canal and there can be some residual effects from that," the doctor said. "They can initially have some problems with breathing, regulating their blood sugars and then problems with eating."

But Avery's doing fine now and should go home soon.

"When I finally did get to hold him, I loved it," his mother said. "I just melted."

Experts say only 1 in every 100,000 babies born is over 14 pounds.

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