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Ziggy Marley: 'Music from my father's era can't be copied'

2012-12-20 19:33:31

Bob and Ziggy Marley

The son of Bob Marley says that "classic music" from his father's era cannot be replicated.

In an interview with Spinner magazine, Ziggy Marley said it was foolish to think that the reggae legend's sound could be reproduced by contemporary acts.

"When you look at his and my father's generation, that whole generation, when reggae music was something new for the rest of the world, it will not compete ever again in history. It's been done," the 43-year-old said.

Despite launching Ghetto Youths International record label with his siblings 20 years ago, he sees little talent coming out of Jamaica to suggest another reggae boom is on the way.

Yesterday (Dec 19) he released Ziggy Marley in Concert album, which features songs from his 2011 album Wild and Free.

Though there are covers War and Is This Love on his new album, Marley says he fuses his father's music with his to reach a new generation.

"I connect the dots with my music to his music. From my song Justice, I would go into Get Up Stand Up and Is this Love from Love Is My Religion (title of Ziggy's previous album). I like to make a song that is a connection from my songs to his songs," he explained.

"What we feel also is that you can overdo it and then it's not special. We keep it as some specialty, people appreciate it more rather than a whole slew of my father's songs," he said.

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