Head Down Speechless Headphone Dj’s**WHY BOTHER**

Before i go any further i am NOT knocking a deejays hustle in no way shape or form, but this is something i need to get of my chest, I am fed up to my back teeth, of these so called head down, no speech, mixing to myself dj,s they seem to forget about the crowd they are supposed to be entertaining, for instance @ Southport weekender i saw two so called big named club dj’s playing to them selves forgetting that people have paid they money to listen to them, mainly because of their voice on the radio and the music that they play.

Several times people were asking me who’s on the decks now Gman i would reply (how the rarse should i know it just sound like a mix tape to me). I find un-animated Dj’s boring beyond belief. Promoters should just ask them to send in a cardboard cut out of themselves and a 1hour mix cd, i think that would exactly the same flipping response.

If you guys take your craft seriously then you will know that its the people that make you who you are and take you to where you are, and they damn well deserved to be entertained. Get my Drift.

Solution: If you cant speak on the microphone to your money paying public, get yourself a flipping mic man or hype man this will save you the embarasment of being as boring as watching paint dry.

A few of my Dj mates use the above solution to great success however a lot of you guys are not really Dj’s just a bloke listening to his personal record selection in a club not giving a crap about the people standing in front of the decks, folks need to have some interaction from you, not just to stand there watching you nod your head up and down to your own tunes grinning to yourself…….Do me a favour leave that rubbish to your bedroom or house.

Ask yourself (A) Are you a boring ass deejay, (B) When is the last time you thanked the crowd for listening to you. (C) Do you introduce yourself to the public. (D) How Much is a card board cut out to buy. (E) Should i retire coz i cant speak and start selling mixtapes instead.

(F) Are you a KITTY CAT DJ (Because cats don’t speak)

MY PEOPLE: Do you know of a Head Down Play For Myself Dont Talk DJ? if so please NAME AND SHAME THEM IN THIS BLOG.


Gauntie aka THE GMAN (p.s i use a mic)