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Russia-US relations 'worst since Cold War', Kremlin says

Tensions heighten between two nations over Syria

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Two Russian servicemen killed in Syria shelling, one injured – MoD

Two Russian servicemen have been killed after they came under shelling in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, adding that one more soldier remains in the hospital, with doctors struggling to save his life. Read Full Article at

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UK and US push for new Russia sanctions rejected by European allies at G7 meeting

Britain and America have failed to win immediate support from European allies for new sanctions on Russia following the chemical weapons attack in Syria.

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Russia-US relations are most difficult since end of Cold War, Kremlin says

The two nations are coming to head over Syria

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VIDEO: Rare footage of captured airbase near ISIS stronghold Raqqa

The predominantly Kurdish force SDF has published footage taken at Tabqa Airbase, north of Raqqa, Syria. The military facility was captured from Islamic State terrorist group, which seized it from the Syrian Army in 2014. Read Full Article at

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Canada provides lukewarm support for fresh sanctions on Russia and Syria after chemical attack

Chrystia Freeland, the Canadian foreign minister, said while Canada was 'looking closely' at fresh sanction it was important to go through the necessary legal steps

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At least 4 injured in explosion at police workshop in Turkish city of Diyarbakir (PHOTOS)

Locals have reported a blast in the Turkish city of Diyarbakir and shared pictures of large plumes of gray smoke. Read Full Article at

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G7 Summit: EU and Germany 'cool' on Britain and America's plan for Russia sanctions

Britain is pushing for new punitive measures on Moscow following the Syria chemical weapons attack

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Tillerson visits Moscow as tensions spike after US strike on Syria base

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will arrive in Moscow on Tuesday to discuss Syria with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. The visit comes as recent US strikes on a Syrian base were followed by hints of sanctioning Russia for supporting Assad. Read Full Article at

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‘Catastrophic consequences’: N. Korea vows to retaliate against deployment of US strike group

North Korea has denounced the deployment of the US naval strike group to the peninsula, warning that it is ready for war and Washington will be fully responsible for any potentially “catastrophic consequences” in the event of an invasion. Read Full Article at

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