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10 reasons why he doesn't want you to diet

2013-01-19 22:34:25

Think he'll dump you if you ditch the diet? Think again...

1. Craving curves
As all fans of Mad Men and its alpha female character, Joan, will know, many men love a curvy woman and if you hit the diet too hard you may lose the shapeliness that drew him to you in the first place. Women may drool over size zero celebs, but men rarely do.

2. Dinner dilemma
Fad diets might have you cutting out carbs, eating at certain times of day or making up most of your meals from sachets. That might be acceptable to you, but the hungry man in your life might not be too keen on the idea of sitting down for these frugal suppers too often.

3. Restaurant write-off
Dates in a restaurant are a fairly standard option for men looking to impress their partners. So spare a thought for your fella when he wants to treat you to a night out. And where's the fun in going out for a swanky meal when you can only feast on the olives and a side salad?
4. Takeaways taken away
Most men need no excuse to reach for the phone and order a curry or Chinese. There's also a sharing element to these meals that can make for an excellent night in for two. But when you lose weight, he loses his takeaway buddy.

5. Film food for thought
Going to the cinema for date night, or snuggling up on the sofa to watch a DVD, isn't be the same without popcorn or pick 'n' mix to share with your beloved. So if you ban yourself from the sweets counter, he'll either have to go without or to try to get through a jumbo box of popcorn all alone.

6. Cooking conundrum
If your boyfriend fancies himself as a bit of a Jamie Oliver and used his cooking skills to woo you, the thought of having to serve you up simple salads rather than fancy feasts might not excite him - plus he'll have to find new ways to impress you, which is scary.

7. Diet bore
Dieters can become obsessive, checking calorie counts, their weight tracking apps and measurements religiously. If you must diet, do it discreetly - as no bloke wants a diet to take over your life or his.

8. Exercising guilt
Your mission to get yourself in shape by going on a diet is admirable, but it could annoy your man if his own body is no temple. While it might inspire him to follow your example, he'll more likely end up envying your ability to get yourself trimmed down and resent the fact you'll soon be in better shape than him.

9. Wardrobe worries
If you make a success of your dieting you'll need some new clothes to show off your trimmed-down body and, with Christmas coming up, you can drop plenty of hints about the new togs you want him to buy for you. But most men hate shopping, especially with so many sizes and styles to worry about.

10. Last orders
The simple trip to the pub might be a thing of the past for you as alcoholic drinks are usually off the menu for dieters. Brilliant for you, your health and your wallet, but he'll probably find himself pining for the days you two got drunk together.


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