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This 10-year-old model with vitiligo is redefining beauty

2015-11-18 22:04:08

April Star© CreativeSoul Photograph

A 10-year-old girl with vitiligo has launched a career as a model and wants to redefine beauty.

April Star, who lives in America, has already landed jobs for an online childrenswear store and a fashion spread in Essence magazine.

April Star
© CreativeSoul Photograph

Star's mother told BuzzFeed Life that as her daughter's skin started to change at age six, other children at school would make fun of her and she was really sad.

But having a supportive family and idols such as model Winnie Harlow, who also has vitiligo, helped Star learned to embrace her skin and its “love spots.”

Star told BuzzFeed Life that she defines confidence ss “being yourself and never being afraid of showing anyone the real you.”

Star regularly shares photos on her Instagram account where she posts under the name "redefinedmybeauty".

Star even got to meet her idol Harlow on an episode of The Real Talk Show, where they both discussed living with the skin condition and how they both found confidence.

April StarApril Star


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