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The most unusual CV (resume) blunders ever

2012-11-27 06:08:57


How much time do you have to make an impression on a potential employer? It can be a matter of seconds.

According to a survey, nearly one-third said they spend one minute or less reviewing a CV. Fourteen per cent spend 30 seconds or less.

In a time when competition for jobs is fierce, it's important to know what employers look for in CVs and what makes them instantly pass on a candidate.

Employers also shared the most unusual CV blunders in this survey.

How to not write your CV: Lies, spelling errors, typos

One of the key findings from the survey speaks to the importance of being honest. Twenty-three per cent of UK employers said they caught a lie on a CV in the past year, one of the leading ways to seriously hamper chances for landing the job.

When asked what would make them automatically dismiss a job candidate, it's no surprise that spellings errors and typos were cited most often. Other turn-offs included that the CV had large blocks of text that were difficult to read, or the applicant had pasted the exact text from the job ad pasted into the CV. Also a CV with no cover letter reduces your chances of getting the job.

The following CV mistakes were luckily only the most unusual ones. When asked to share examples of the most unusual CVs they have come across when searching for job applicants, employers in Europe and the US reported the following:

I want this job!
The only words written on the CV were the candidate's name and phone number and the phrase "I want a job."

Who does not love beer?
16 per cent of UK employers listed CVs with an unprofessional email address as a turn-off. That's why this candidate may not be contacted at all. His email had "lovesbeer" in it.

Wild hobby
The more unusual your hobbies, the more interesting you are as a candidate? The applicant listed "lion tamer" as one of his hobbies.

Previous employer: It's a secret!
The candidate included mystery shopper under her experience, but didn't reveal the name of the employer because "it's a secret."

Exaggerated work experience
It's always good to have a great amount of work experience. But this candidate from the US may have exaggerated slightly. He listed "Master of Time and Universe" under his experience.

Poetic CV
Applicants for creative professions often like to send unusual CVs. But don't overdo it, like this candidate did it: His CV was written in rhyme.

And who are you?
The candidate's photograph on the CV didn't match the person the hiring manager spoke with on Skype (different ethnicity).

CV on a torn out page
Your CV should always offer an impeccable appearance. This CV did not fulfill this requirement as it was written on a page torn out from an exercise book.

Unusual reference
How is the potential future employer supposed to call this guy up? The candidate put God down as a reference, but he provided no phone number.

I'm a Viking!
This candidate seems to be proud of his ancestry. He claimed to be a direct descendant of the Vikings.

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